Our Favorite Yoli Product Combos

All of our products are great on their own, but mixing them together is a fun way to shake things up from time to time. Here are a few of our favorite flavor combinations!

Coconut pH2O and Peach Mango Passion

Coconut pH2O and Peach Mango Passion are two of our newest products, and they pair beautifully together. The flavors combine for a delicious, tropical taste that will have you reaching for a tiny umbrella to put in your cup!

Coconut pH2O and Raspberry Fun

Coconut pH2O is delicious with Raspberry Fun, too! The flavor of coconut and the refreshing flavor of raspberry combine to make a concoction you’ll never want to put down!

Coconut pH2O and Chocolate YES

Picking up on a pattern here? Coconut pH2O is fantastic with just about everything! Mixing it with Chocolate YES will make your favorite protein shake even more delicious.

Strawberry Watermelon pH20 and Strawberry Kiwi Passion

This combo doubles up on strawberry for a delicious fruity fusion!

Hibiscus pH2O and Peach Mango Passion

The mellow hibiscus flavor of pH2O and the sweet punch of Peach Mango Passion are a perfect combination!

Berry Passion and Truth

Berry Passion and Truth is one of the most popular drink mixes we hear about from Yoli Nation! These two drinks combine to make a tasty berry-lemonade kind of flavor that will have you feeling ready to seize the day.

Grape Açai Passion and Lemon-Lime Fun

A lot of people also enjoy mixing Grape Açai Passion and Lemon-Lime Fun. It’s a delicious, summery treat!

Lean Greens and Truth

Mixing Lean Greens and Truth may not seem like an obvious choice at first, but the flavors are great together! The fruity undertones in Lean Greens and the citrus in Truth combine to make a healthy and tasty drink that’s packed with fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants!

Lean Greens and Raspberry Fun

Lean Greens also pairs really well with Raspberry Fun. It’s fruity, healthy, and best of all, delicious!

Truth and Raspberry Fun

Much like Berry Passion and Truth, the raspberry flavor of Fun and the citrusy flavor of Truth are a perfect combination.

What are your favorite flavor combinations? Let us know on our Instagram (@yolibetterbody) story!