Independent Distributor

Independent Distributor

Hi, thank you for visiting. I am very new to Yoli; however, I am already amazed of the result that this company and their products have provided me. In the first six days, I lost seven pounds. And I am still and continuously going down to meeting my goal. This is what I want and I will do what I need to do to keep going. Besides, this is for a healhty life style.

I am an epileptic person and taking all kinds of medications for seizures and anxiety. Being epilectic, I tend to be always feeling tired. No energy everyday.  After each seizure episode, I would be very tired and not able to function for at least three days. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, where I felt all my bones in my fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, knees, feet were always aching. I used to have muscle cramps below the knee on my both legs that everytime I had it, it was so painful. I used to cough every other night for about an hour to two hours where I had a dripping sinusitis that would make my throat itch. I would stay up just to coughed it all out and blow my nose.  

Since I have been taking the Transformation kit for a healthy life style, March 6, 2018, everyone of those things I have mentioned above all calmed down. The muscle leg cramps gone. I do not cough at night anymore. My bone problems seem to be better. My used to be achy knees, fingers, arms, shoulders are not even hurting anymore. I used to lay down with my legs and arms stretch up because when I bend them, they were in pain. Now, I barely do that.

I am just amazed of what this Yoli is doing for my health. And not only my silent illnesses have decrease the pain I used to felt, I am also losing weights. The used to be thick “lovehandles” now is getting thinner, and it is turning into a lean muscles.

This story is based on my own experienced.



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