The Better Body Resolution ends on Wednesday, and if you’ve reached your weight loss goals using the Transformation Kit, you may be wondering what comes next. Today, we’re going to talk about Lifestyle Kits and how they can help you create healthy habits and reach your goals!

Benefits of Lifestyle Kits

Lifestyle Kits are the perfect way to continue working toward optimal health.  Each Lifestyle Kit contains Yoli products that are chosen with a specific health goal in mind. In addition to the products, each Lifestyle Kit also comes with a specially-designed meal plan that you can personalize to fit your unique goals. This gives you the ability to transform your lifestyle and work toward your personal health goals long-term.

The Alkalinity Kit

The Alkalinity Kit is perfect for those of you who want to focus on maintaining a healthy body pH long-term. It contains Alkalete, Vitamin, Mineral, Pure, and YES to give you the nutrients you need for optimal pH balance. The meal plan is also specially-designed to help you make a healthy pH a priority in your diet.*

The Energy Kit

The Energy Kit is designed with people who want to transform their lifestyles to have the energy they need to thrive. The Energy Kit contains Passion or Thermo Burn, Omegas, YES, Dream, and Enzyme to help give you the energy you’re seeking, as well as a meal plan that was designed with providing energy in mind.*

The Weight Management Kit

The Weight Management Kit is the perfect way to maintain a healthy weight for your body. It contains Passion or Thermo Burn, YES, Dream, and Alkalete to give you the nutrients you need to maintain your physical transformation and feel great long-term. The meal plan is designed to help you maintain a healthy weight and is customizable so you can focus on your specific goals.*

The Create-Your-Own Lifestyle Kit

If you have different health goals than the ones above, you’re in luck! With the Create-Your-Own Lifestyle Kit, you can choose the Yoli products that fit your goals while enjoying the discount of a Lifestyle Kit. Just select 175 CV of product, craft your own meal plan with your goals in mind, and enjoy a 10% discount! You can find some tips for creating your Lifestyle Kit here.


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.